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SportsKingdom is committed to development of Scorers at all levels via training and the highest standards of quality. With its program, examination and on passing, you will be awarded with the SportsKingdom Certification in Scoring.
Scorers control cricket matches with absolute impartiality in accordance with the Spirit of Cricket and the Laws of the game. This course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and information to officiate as an Scorer in friendly and competitive matches as well as provide an entry for those with a desire to officiate on a regular basis.
This course is designed to help the participants to understand State and National level examinations.

Scorers Course


  • Those interested in becoming a cricket scorer on a regular basis.

  • Coaches, Players, Parents, Teachers, Individuals who wish to officiate in club, corporate, junior level games or competitions.

  • Retired, qualified and other experienced scorers can join our course to be enrolled on our SportsKingdom booking system.

  • Men and Women aged 16 and above.



Here is a bright chance to be the first “Historian of the Game”. A chance to earn respect from all the “Players and Officials” and an opportunity to learn and serve the Game.


Entry level

Intermediate level

Advanced level

  • Learn scoring on “Box method” score sheet’.

  • Learn the symbols used for scoring.

  • Learn the Laws of Cricket and Playing conditions which is required for scoring.

  • Understanding the signals given by Umpires how to record it. Learn basic calculations required for Scoring.

  • Learn scoring on “Box method” multi day score sheet along with “Summary sheet and Bowling spell”

  • Learn how to mention the Names of Players in the scoresheet.

  • Learn how to identify players from a distance.

  • Learn the field positions in the Game.

  • Learn how to use the different colour pens specified in scoring.

  • Learn some additional points in the Laws of Cricket and Playing Conditions which a Scorer should be aware of

  • Learn to calculate “Net run rate” “Run quotient” and “Over rate” calculations.

  • Learn scoring on “Linear method” score sheet along with “Summary sheet and Bowling spell”.

  • Learn how to create Wagon wheel, Stroke chart and Bowler pitch pad.

  • Learn how to work on VJD and DLS rain rule applications.

  • Learn how to make announcements at media box.

  • Learn how to prepare Table of points.

Language, Duration and Mode

  • Duration shall be for six days totaling to 12 hours of two hours’ session every day for each level.

  • Courses will be delivered live online on the Zoom platform, Arrangement can be done to forward recorded class of the day with the option of asking queries which will be answered as soon as possible. 

  • The timing of classes are subject to change as per the majority demand from the candidates.

  • Courses will be conducted in English later in Gujarathi, Marathi, Hindi and other regional languages.

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  • Online sessions, course material, exam and certification. Details of this course can be viewed on this page

  • Upon qualifying participants profiles will be enrolled on the SportsKingdom booking system as a scorer subject to availability for assignments.

  • Online sessions will be conducted by our expert panelists with a wealth of experience in Scorer and training the scorer at the highest levels followed by self-study and online exam to get accredited by SportsKingdom.



Chief Consultant Umpiring & Scorers Courses

Mr. Marcus Couto, Co-founder of The Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers of India, (ACSSI). He passed the Scoring examination held by the ACSSI with 96% marks in the inaugural year.
He has published many books, one of his best books was on the History of Cricket in India with the help of Vasant Raiji and Mohandas Menon. On Scoring, he has taken exclusively training from Bapoo Mama at Dalkeith, Panchgani, a hill station in Mableshwar, Maharashtra for 40 days annually for three years consecutively. A scoring pupil of Anandji Dossa, Sudhir Vaidya, Mohandas Menon and so many other Scorers. He  has also visited several top scorers abroad and has learned from them the art of scoring.
A Gold Medalist Cricket Umpire of Mumbai Cricket Association, with four decades umpiring at State level and had been umpiring for BCCI for 25 years. A good collector of books, memorabilia, especially cricket ties, could easily be the best in the country.



Chief Co-ordinator

Mr. Theodore Braganza (popularly known as Theo) is the proprietor of the India’s leading sports book shop. The Marine Sports a bookseller and also a publisher specialised in sports and especially on the game of Cricket. The well known books sold are - Cricket Scoring by Derek Hibbs, MCC Laws of Cricket, Cricket Umpiring and Scoring by Rait Kerr and now Tom Smith’s – Cricket Umpiring and Scoring. He has published the famous statistical book, Figures of Cricket by Sudhir Vaidya and many books on Cricket history, statistical and Scoring. Also published coaching, biographies, autobiographies and statistical publications and Yearbooks. Now working on a book on Scoring with our Principal Tutor, P. Jayapal, titled Cricket Scoring - Club to Test Cricket.
Theo has been Serving as Secretary for The Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers of India for the last 20 years. Was the first person in India to introduce training and exams for scorers in India, took these to various state associations, cricket centres and finally to the BCCI. Also organised and conducted training for statisticians and computer scoring for the BCCI and was their Convener in the early years.

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Principal Trainer

Mr. P Jayapal is currently a BCCI Panel Umpire. Started his journey as a Scorer in the year 1990, after joining Spartons Sports Club, which is affiliated to the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA). In the year 1992 was enrolled as one of Official Scorer in KSCA. After scoring many representative matches at District level, went on to score his first, First Class (FC) and One Day International match in the year 1996. Was felicitated with Sri Anandji Dossa award for securing highest marks in the first ever BCCI Examination for Statisticians and Scorers held in August 1996. Had to relinquish Scoring to concentrate on Umpiring career which started in the year 2007. Has officiated as Scorer in over 100 plus BCCI matches, including 8 Tests, 23 ODI’s and 30 FC matches. From the year 2008 to 2012, he performed the duty of DL/VJD Manager (Rain rule application to find the revised target in truncated matches) for many ODI’s, IPL and Domestic matches. From the year 2004, he has been involved in educating the Scorers by the BCCI. Till date has conducted many Scoring Courses and Examinations at National level. Have also conducted Scoring Courses and Examinations for several State associations, namely, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra and Vidarbha.



Mr. Rahul Rajh is currently on the BCCI panel of scorers. He was ranked number One in the scoring exams conducted by BCCI in 2006 and was awarded Anandji Dossa scholarship. He is serving BCCI as a Scorer for the last 15 years and officiated in various competitive cricket tournaments like IPL, Champions League, World Cup, ODI, T20I, Test cricket... associated with ICC and BCCI. He has conducted various Scorer Education programs associated with Karnataka State Cricket Association. He is also a qualified umpire at the Karnataka State Cricket Association since 2006 and have officiated in competitive tournaments conducted by Karnataka State Cricket Association.

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Principal Trainer

Mr. Suhas Sapre has been Scoring since 1994, in 2004 he cleared the BCCI exam at Ahmedabad. He stood first in the Scorers’ exam held by Saurashtra Cricket Association in 1994 at Rajkot and again stood first in the 1997 exams held by Mumbai Cricket Association Scorers.
He has been the scorer for 5 One Day Internationals, and a few matches of the Women’s World Cup at Baroda. Till date has scored for more than 250 BCCI matches.
He started his career as an umpire at the age of 16, Umpired in over 3000 local matches from 1976 and has been consequently guiding budding scorers and umpires around Baroda with tutions.

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