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Our Mission

We understand that no two sports persons are the same, and so too are their fitness and training requirements. We specialize in providing you with customized training that depends on the requirements of an athlete and the sport he or she is associated with. Our highly skilled team comprising of reputable physiotherapists, nutritionists and, strength and conditioning coaches focus on providing world-class training to the sportsperson enabling them to give their best performance.

Our Vision

Support every athlete and sportsperson to enable them to give their best performances while also maintaining a high level of physical fitness. With sports science, sports prehab and rehab, and biomedical analysis, we aim to not only improve the performance but also ensure minimum possibilities of sports injuries to our sportspersons. With our seasoned and tailor-made sport-specific training, we aim to see your dreams come true.

About Strength and conditioning certification program

SportsKingdom along with SportsDynamix is committed to develop all levels of strength and conditioning training of the highest standards and quality
By undertaking this certification you are equipping yourself with the correct theoretical and practical training methodology that optimizes athletic performance.  
This course will provide a deeper insight into the physical capacities required to play the game and the demands that are placed on the body. The course also aims to provide the coaches with actionable training strategies in the weight room gym and also ground activities to be utilized with their players. On completion of this course, the coach should be able to plan and deliver training programs that will improve their players’ physical capabilities and on-field performance.
You will obtain the SportsKingdom and SportsDynamix Certification in Strength and Conditioning signed by Rohit Sharma



For all those who are engaged with school/club/academy or any sport setup as a coach, manager, fitness trainer or a player is eligible.


Why should you enroll?

This program is designed by the legend Mr.Ramji Srinivasan who is the leading S&C Coach to drive our Strength & Conditioning programs globally. Ramji was the 1st Indian S&C Coach of the 2011 World Cup winning team and also the Champions Trophy. He is the Founder of Sports Dynamix which specialises in S&C programs where you get the best training programs, sport expert mentors that will ensure you reach your desired fitness goals. 
Our team of coaches will walk you through the content and experience sharing to enhance your skillset and put your first foot forward in the fitness, strength and conditioning world.


  • Identify key biomechanical terminology and topics in relation to integrated sports performance training.

  • Explain functional anatomy as it relates to integrated sports performance training.

  • Describe the components and function of an integrated sports performance assessment.

  • Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

  • Describe the importance of the role of the metabolic energy system training in improving performance.

  • Fitness components addressed in sports.

  • Describe methods for developing metabolic energy system training plans.

  • Describe the role of resistance training in improving sports performance.

  • Describe various training principles and their role in program design.

  • Explain the importance of the core musculature and its relationship to performance enhancement.

  • Understand the central concepts that underpin the periodization of training.

  • Relate the four sport seasons to the four periods of the traditional periodization model

  • Apply the program design variables to create a periodized training program.

  • Identify the protein, carbohydrate, and fat recommendations for athletes;

  • List hydration and electrolyte guidelines for different age groups and scenarios and help athletes develop an individualized hydration plan.

  • Identify common substances used to enhance performance.

  • Identify the effects of ergogenic aids.

  • Importance of recovery and methods involved.


  • Functional Anatomy And The Human Movement System

  • Energy Systems

  • Screening Protocol

  • Fitness Components Required For Sports

  • Periodization

  • Recovery And Training

  • Injury Prevention - Overview In To Different Aspects Of It

  • Role Of Physiotherapist

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Ergogenic Aids And Supplementation

Language, Duration and Mode

  • Course will be conducted in English and the duration is 6 days

  • Time taken will be 2 hours per day online via Zoom or Google Meet.

Certification Specimen

Certification details

  • Upon qualifying participant's profiles will be enrolled on the SportsKingdom booking system subject to availability for assignments.

  • Online sessions will be conducted by our expert panelists with a wealth of experience in SNC at the highest levels followed by self-study and online exams to get accredited by SportsKingdom.

  • The cost of our Strength & Conditioning Certification course is USD 83 
    all-inclusive for the course including online sessions, course material, exam and certification.




Ramji Srinivasan
Founder Director SportsDynamix
Former S&C of Indian Cricket team
(Winners of 2011 World cup)


Jeevan Manakumar
Center Head/
Strength and Conditioning Coach


Manav Mukund
Director of Strength and


Venkatesh Kumar
Sports Physiotherapist

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