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Video Upload Terms and Conditions

Our Community Guidelines define what we allow and don't allow on the SportsKingdom. They exist so that we can protect the community from things such as harmful content, harassment and spam. They apply to everyone, and to all types of content – such as videos, comments, links and thumbnails.

Spam and deceptive practices:

  • Content intended to impersonate a person or video is not allowed on SportsKingdom. SportsKingdom also enforces trademark holder rights. When a video, or content in the video, causes confusion about the source of goods and services advertised, it may not be allowed. If you feel that yours or another creator's video is being impersonated, you can report the video to our administrator. 

  • Links that send users to websites featuring content that violates our Community Guidelines are not allowed on SportsKingdom.

  • SportsKingdom doesn’t allow spam, scams, or other deceptive practices that take advantage of the SportsKingdom community. We also don’t allow content where the main purpose is to trick others into leaving SportsKingdom for another site.

Inactive accounts policy:

  • In general, users are expected to be active members within the SportsKingdom community. If an account is found to be overly inactive, the account may be reclaimed by SportsKingdom without notice. Inactivity may be considered as:

  • Not logging into the site for at least six months

  • Never having uploaded video content

  • Not actively partaking in watching or commenting on videos or videos

  • If you post content that encourages other users to violate our Terms of Service, the content may be removed, your account may be penalised, and in some cases your account may be terminated.

  • If you post content previously removed for violating our Terms of Service, or content from creators who have been terminated under our Terms, the content may be removed, your account may be penalised, and in some cases your account may be terminated.

Sensitive content: Child Safety:

  • SportsKingdom doesn’t allow content that endangers the emotional and physical well-being of minors. A minor is defined as someone under the legal age of majority -- usually anyone younger than 18 years old in most countries/regions.

  • If you find content that violates this policy, report it. If you believe that a child is in danger, you should get in touch with your local law enforcement to report the situation immediately


  • Don’t post a thumbnail on SportsKingdom that fits any of the descriptions noted below.

  • Thumbnails that include pornographic images depicting sexual acts, nudity, or other sexually gratifying imagery 

  • Violent imagery intended to shock or disgust

  • Graphic or disturbing imagery with blood or gore

  • Thumbnails with vulgar or lewd language

  • Thumbnails misleading viewers into thinking they’re about to view something that’s not in the video

Nudity and sexual content:

  • Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed on SportsKingdom. Posting pornography may result in content removal or video termination. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed on SportsKingdom.

  • Sexually explicit content featuring minors and content that sexually exploits minors is not allowed on SportsKingdom. 

Suicide and self-injury:

  • At SportsKingdom, we take the health and well-being of all our creators and viewers seriously. Awareness and understanding of mental health is important and we support creators sharing their stories, such as posting content discussing their experiences with depression, self-harm, or other mental health issues. However, we do not allow content on SportsKingdom that promotes suicide, self-harm, that is intended to shock or disgust, or poses a considerable risk to viewers.

Vulgar language:

  • Some languages may not be appropriate for viewers under 18. We may consider the following factors when deciding whether to age-restrict or remove content. 

  • Use of sexually explicit language or narratives

  • Use of excessive profanity in your video 

  • Use of heavy profanity in your video’s title, thumbnail or associated metadata

  • Violent or dangerous content, Hate speech is not allowed on SportsKingdom

Harassment and cyberbullying:

  • Don’t post content on SportsKingdom if it fits any of the descriptions noted below.

  • Content that features prolonged name calling or malicious insults (such as racial slurs) based on someone's intrinsic attributes. These attributes include their protected group status, physical attributes, or their status as a survivor of sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse and more.

  • Content uploaded with the intent to shame, deceive or insult a minor. A minor is defined as an individual under the legal age of majority. This usually means anyone younger than 18 years old, but the age of a minor might vary by geography.

Harmful or dangerous content:

  • Content intended to praise, promote, or aid violent criminal organisations is not allowed on SportsKingdom. These organisations are not allowed to use SportsKingdom for any purpose, including recruitment.

  • If you believe anyone is in immediate danger, you should reach out to your local law enforcement agency for our administrator to report the situation immediately.

Violent or graphic content:

  • Violent or gory content intended to shock or disgust viewers, or content encouraging others to commit violent acts, are not allowed on SportsKingdom.

Animal abuse content: 

  • Content where animals are encouraged or coerced to fight by humans.

  • Content that includes a human maliciously causing an animal to experience suffering when not for traditional or standard purposes such as hunting or food preparation.

  • Content featuring animal rescue that has been staged and places the animal in harmful scenarios.

Regulated goods:

  • Firearms: Content intended to sell firearms, instruct viewers on how to make firearms, ammunition, and certain accessories, or instruct viewers on how to install those accessories is not allowed on SportsKingdom. SportsKingdom shouldn't be used as a platform to sell firearms or accessories noted below. SportsKingdom also doesn’t allow live streams that show someone holding, handling, or transporting a firearm. Sale of illegal or regulated goods or services 

  • Content intended to sell certain regulated goods and services is not allowed on SportsKingdom.


  • Certain types of misleading or deceptive content with serious risk of egregious harm are not allowed on SportsKingdom. This includes certain types of misinformation that can cause real-world harm, like promoting harmful remedies or treatments, certain types of technically manipulated content, or content interfering with democratic processes.

Elections misinformation:

  • Don’t post elections-related content on SportsKingdom if it fits any of the descriptions noted below.

  • Voter suppression: Content aiming to mislead voters about the time, place, means, or eligibility requirements for voting, or false claims that could materially discourage voting.

  • Candidate eligibility: Content that advances false claims related to the technical eligibility requirements for current political candidates and sitting elected government officials to serve in office. Eligibility requirements considered are based on applicable national law, and include age, citizenship, or vital status.

  • Incitement to interfere with democratic processes: Content encouraging others to interfere with democratic processes. This includes obstructing or interrupting voting procedures.

  • Distribution of hacked materials: Content that contains hacked info, the disclosure of which may interfere with democratic processes.

  • COVID-19 medical misinformation:

  • SportsKingdom doesn't allow content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm. 

SportsKingdom doesn't allow content that spreads medical    misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:

  • Treatment

  • Prevention

  • Diagnosis

  • Transmission

  • Social distancing and self isolation guidelines

  • The existence of COVID-19

  • Note: SportsKingdom’s policies on COVID-19 are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authorities’ guidance on the virus.

  • If you find content that violates this policy, report it. Instructions for reporting violations of our Community Guidelines. If you've found a few videos or comments that you would like to report, you can report at

Video quality & specifications guidelines:

  • Angles - Front Angle and Side Angle (Off Side)

  • Video Resolution- 720p and above

  • Size - Not more than 200MB

  • Clothing - Player Posture should be visible and any brand name and logo should not be visible in video except SportsKingdom.

  • Equipment - Sports Equipment

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