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Congratulations to Hawks CC

After waiting of 2 long years league cricket is back in SG! 2022, SCA season for Hawks, and it is the first match in the division... Frankly, team was about to get out for a humiliating score but recovered with a decent target. All the opposition need to do is knocking off the runs, doff their caps and shake hands while holding back a snigger. In general, low scoring games are an intense mental challenge for players. It’s the side who can hold their nerve comes out victorious and that was the result for Hawks today. A proud moment indeed. It’s about a combination of attitude, tactics and effort that worked. In tough conditions 2 an over seemed about right for the first part of the innings and with wickets falling, allowed us to make over 138 runs in 30 overs and 9 wickets down. This represented 20-30 more runs than the opposition were expecting to get. The key was that Hawks did not panic at all. Hawks knew there were few runs to be had and we grabbed the momentum at the end of the innings instead of getting bowled out. The practices that Hawks had with Crickingdom helped to prepare bowling tight line and length, giving nothing away and forgetting about the magic ball. Anticipating how a batsman is playing and fielding accordingly. Making sure you field where you are put by the captain and stop others wandering from positions. Keeping an eye on the captain the whole game in case he needs to make quick adjustments. It was indeed a great start for Hawks in the season and a confident booster for upcoming matches. The jinks are broken and awaits for a greater turnaround, the business has started where Hawks left in the year 2020. Congratulations to Hawks CC and Crickingdom partnership once again Academy registeration link : Whats app:+65 8798 3314


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