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Dynamism of Technology in Sports

One step ahead to institutionalize the process and connect talent globally.

In this new age of instant results, the whole world is empowered with the impact of networking within seconds. People with talent are becoming stars having a huge fan following that resorts to their persona. Possession of data has changed the way things are getting filtered, analysed and processed. Undoubtedly Data is the king.

Implying the right side of this development Dynamism of Technology in sports is the key driver today to embrace the athletes.

CricKingdom Ai research team penned various angles while launching a platform that connects sports people, experts, analytics and experts to review and applaud the talent globally. with the support of SG Sports and Tote board innovates the enduring thought to acquire best results for the user on this platform.

  • A social video platform for players to interact and get feedback from the certified coaches to improve their game and showcase their skills.

  • Bridges the gap between players and coaches at remote locations.

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this web app focuses on analysing the uploaded videos through AI technology and provides feedback along with some expert advice from our star coaches.

ai video analysis with rohit sharma
  • The coach can provide feedback based on the video by giving ratings 1-5 and can also give descriptive suggestions for the players and submit the review.

  • Once, the coach submits the review, the player gets notified and the player can view the progress card.

ai video analysis

All AI enabled videos will be visible in the “AI Analytics” tab with icons that shows AI processing status for each video

Coach review, rohit sharma

Coaches Review process:

  1. Coach can review based on predefined terms

  2. Take screenshot of video and and write/draw on same image

  3. Upload audio recording as part of review

The platform will surely revolutionise the field of sports with vital tips given by professional coaches and help the players to restore the correct methods and techniques of the game.


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