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Sports Academy Management Software

SKonnect AMS has just the right features to make your academy management a breeze. We have features to take care of almost all your manual tasks so that you can focus on providing your customers a better experience and leave all repetitive tasks to us.

Grow your business by reducing daily operational chores and increase your business productivity with SKonnect AMS which has just the right features to make your academy management run proficiently. Our features reduce all your manual tasks making you available to your customers for a better experience. Automate registrations, batch selection with preferred timings, swift payment gateways, attendance, revenue tracking & payment notifications.

Night Match


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Registration & Documentation

Student Registration

Flexible Slot Booking

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Smart Payment Reminders

All data can be stored on the app which reduces paperwork. Once you save all the data it can be accessed in a few seconds and stored for lifetime.

A daily data of students registered can be easily viewed. This helps you to keep a close eye on your daily business growth.

If you are looking to book a facility in minutes, this is the right platform for you. Book your slots at ease and enjoy the game.

Automated notifications like parents meet, new initiatives, payments due etc are sent to the parents hence creating a smooth communication and easy to access information.




Performance Tracker

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Robust Admin Controls

Leave the worry of attendance record to us. A daily attendance report can be easily produced of a student which the parents also can check.

Performance status is the important tool that helps you learn better and hone the skills in the right manner by tracking your own performance. Our performance tracker just gives the right cutting edge to the students helping them analyse their own performance.

Easy payment gateway helps you track the revenue daily that assists your business growth. Academy owners can view the payments received and keep a close eye on the revenue generated.

Always in control

Delegate access at all levels to the right people. Moderate: trainees, attendance, coach allocation

Prem Ahire.jpg

This app has made things very easy when it comes to tracking the child’s attendance and progress report. Specially on a individual level we can set goals and help them achieve it by tracking their development. It also gives access to timings and curriculum that a child is selecting helping us to take a note of the

Happy Woman

It helps us to see the child’s progress report and areas of improvement. Fees structure is also very crisp and timely notifications about any particular announcements and payment reminders are sent timely. Moreover it showcases various other aspects of development in the child’s performance 

Prem Ahire
Director of Coaching Operations - Singapore

Priyanka Sanap
Parent (Pune)

Rajeev Khare.jpeg

An easy tool to access the business parameters like monthly admissions in the academy, gauge the growth of our business. It is overall a very helpful and user friendly platform.

Rajeev Khare
Academy Business Partner - Sangli



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