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Our Mission

We understand that no two sports persons are the same, and so too are their fitness and training requirements. We specialize in providing you with customized training that depends on the requirements of an athlete and the sport he or she is associated with. Our highly skilled team comprising of reputable physiotherapists, nutritionists and, strength and conditioning coaches focus on providing world-class training to the sportsperson enabling them to give their best performance.

Our Vision

Support every athlete and sportsperson to enable them to give their best performances while also maintaining a high level of physical fitness. With sports science, sports prehab and rehab, and biomedical analysis, we aim to not only improve the performance but also ensure minimum possibilities of sports injuries to our sportspersons. With our seasoned and tailor-made sport-specific training, we aim to see your dreams come true.


Online Training Process

Our online coaching is highly individualized for every athlete. Programs are typically 4-6 weeks long depending upon the athlete’s level of fitness and target goals. 
Before we start drawing up theindividualized program we perform a battery of online fitness assessments in order to assessthe athlete’sstrength and weaknesses and build them from the ground up to get themstronger, athletic and injury-free.
If you have any previous injuries or current ones, we can help you train around them so you can continue to get stronger while avoiding further compromises to your fitness levels.

How our program works

  • The athlete will be going through a battery of online fitness assessments in a one-on-one call which helps the coaches to understand the athlete better and draw up an individualized fitness program.

  • The next 2-3 online calls will be one-on-one debriefing about the exercises written in their individualized schedule through video demonstration and verbal explanation.

  • These calls will make the athletes familiar with the exercises and the form with which they need to perform post which they will be allocated to certain batches consisting of optimized player-coach ratio.

  • Our Specialized coaches will be monitoring the athletes in their respective batches.

  • After the athlete undergoes training for theallocated period, the re-assessment one-on-one call is scheduled and the fitness program is updated for the next training cycle depending upon the progressed results obtained during the re-assessment.

Consent forms will be sent before the start of the program, which will be filled by the athlete for individual assessment. Customised planning and execution for 1 on 1 training program.  training. Each session will include warmup, training, cooldown and feedback.

Athletes are expected to be equipped with the following items:- 

  • Training Shoes

  • Jump Rope 

  • Yoga Mat

  • Towel

  • Water Bottle

  • Hyderation drinks if available

Workout routine will be changed periodically based on the online assessments

  1. The cost of Group sessions with individual assessment is SGD 58 (Singapore Dollars)
     per month

  2. all-inclusive including online sessions, assessements and strength & conditioning regime per person. 

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Topics covered

  • Functional Anatomy And The Human Movement System

  • Energy Systems

  • Screening Protocol

  • Fitness Components Required For Sports

  • Periodization

  • Recovery And Training

  • Injury Prevention - Overview In To Different Aspects Of It

  • Role Of Physiotherapist

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Ergogenic Aids And Supplementation

New batches every month



Ramji Srinivasan
Founder Director SportsDynamix
Former S&C of Indian Cricket team
(Winners of 2011 World cup)


Jeevan Manakumar
Center Head/
Strength and Conditioning Coach


Manav Mukund
Director of Strength and


Venkatesh Kumar
Sports Physiotherapist


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